If you’re lucky enough to be at the beach, you’re lucky enough! I’ve seen this sentiment on posters, paintings, calendars and many home accessories here in Southwest Florida. And I think it’s true! Living (or visiting) in this paradise makes us pretty lucky people. Still, on St Patrick’s Day, everyone is hoping the “Luck of the Irish” will bless them in some special way.

here-are-10-st-patrick39s-day1If you are a homeowner with a house or condo for sale, the luck you are hoping for may be a great offer from a buyer. And while there’s no denying luck does play a part in selling your house/condo, a whole lot more is involved than that! Getting your house/condo ready to sell, will help bring offers your way, with or without the “Luck of the Irish.”

So, what does it mean to get your house/condo ready to sell? Well, for starters, purge and clean. Get rid of anything that doesn’t contribute to a clean and spacious impression. Scrub, dust or vacuum every surface in your home. Box-up extra clothes, most of your home accessories, and personal photos. Send them to a storage unit ‘til you’re ready for them in your new home. Do the same with furniture that makes your rooms feel crowded or contributes to an awkward traffic pattern. Remember, space is what buyers are looking for, and you need to help them see all the space your house/condo offers them. (Note I did not suggest filling your garage, or storage area with all this stuff – buyers need to see those areas of your house/condo too!)

Fresh paint is another step to consider as you ready your house/condo for sale. And of course when you are preparing to sell, if you choose to paint one, or every room, think neutrals! Neutral paint colors appeal to more buyers. White, beige, cream and gray are all good choices. But, certain hues of green are also great choices for neutral schemes. (And after-all we are celebrating St Patrick’s Day!)
Here are a few neutral greens that I find appealing:
Behr: Ocean Foam, Climate Change
Benjamin Moore: Dune Grass, Silver Sage
Sherwin Williams: Filmy Green, Sea Salt

In addition to cleaning and purging, off-site storing, and painting, Sanibel Home Staging can offer many suggestions, and get them implemented, to ready your home for selling. Call or email us today and we’ll work with you (and your Realtor) to maximize your home’s potential. And who knows… maybe your home sale will be blessed with the “Luck of the Irish!” Hope so!

Til next time…