shs-fitbitI got a Fitbit Charge ™ for Christmas from my son, Tyler. I really like it, and I am working hard to get in my 10,000 steps every day. However, it’s not easy for me to complete 10,000 steps – I have to walk almost four and a half miles before my Charge™ sends that small, but rewarding, vibration to my wrist, to let me know I have completed 10,000 steps for the day!

So, I take either two or three walks around my Sanibel neighborhood every day. And of course, my favorite walking partner is Henri, our rescue Shih Tzu! There are two issues with Henri and our walks.

1. He did not make a commitment to do 10,000 steps everyday.
2. He has four legs and feet compared to my two, so he racks up steps at twice the pace that I do.

These two situations put Henri and I at odds from time-to-time on our walks. Sometimes Henri is only willing to take a short walk. And occasionally he agrees to a long walk, but at about the halfway point for me, he considers the walk complete. In both cases, he simply sits down on the sidewalk, and lets me know he’s done walking! After all, although I may only have 5,000 steps done; Henri figures he’s at 10,000, and so he’s done!

shs-roller2The first few times this happened, I picked Henri up and carried him for a block or two, and then he would be willing to walk again for awhile. Unfortunately, he started to like being carried, and was sitting down early and often on our walks. I knew this was becoming a problem when the traffic officer at the corner of Periwinkle and Lindgren said to me “What, you walk and carry your dog around Sanibel everyday?”

So, I implemented Plan B. Now when Henri and I walk, I pull his doggy roller bag, and when he sits down, I simply move him from the sidewalk to the roller bag, and continue walking. This works out well for both of us. I can continue my 10,000 step quest, and he can continue to enjoy our walk, while relaxing and resting his legs!

Selling a home or a condo on Sanibel Island is a little like the walks Henri and I take. In order to be successful, it has to work out well for both the seller and the potential buyer. What seems reasonable to a seller (Yes, the walls need painted, but I won’t do it, and that way the buyer can chose the color she/he likes,) a buyer might find unreasonable (This place really needs a fresh coat of paint. I want to buy a place that won’t require any work.)

So, just like me on my walks with Henri, sometimes buyers need to implement Plan B! I’ll be happy to walk thru your property (the steps will count towards my 10,000) and provide a Plan B to help you accomplish your goal of selling your home/condo! Staging your property gives you a cost effective way to improve the chances for a quicker sale, at closer to your asking price. To find out what Plan B could/should be for your home or vacation condo, send me an email or call me at Sanibel Home Staging. I look forward to hearing from you.
Now, Henri’s doggy roller bag, and my Fitbit Charge™ are calling to me…time for a walk!

Until next time…