January and February have been crazy months of weather on Sanibel and all over Southwest Florida; record breaking rain, strong winds and even a couple of tornadoes! And during all that crazy weather, I have been trying to dodge the raindrops, and avoid being blown off the island, to get a beachfront condo staged and ready to be listed. With a big lanai and sliders all the way across the front, this condo is perfectly situated to enjoy the glory of our weather, because ocean-side, even stormy weather is interesting and beautiful to watch.

shsfebblog2015One thing that was especially interesting was watching the serious sea shell hunters quickly make their way to the beach as soon as the rain and wind subsided, even a little. I’m sure they found lots of beautiful shells! On one such day, a friend of mine found literally dozens and dozens of starfish. Too many to carry home! She’s very creative and very talented. She’ll find lots of opportunities to use them in the décor of her Sanibel home.

And isn’t that what your home should be? A reflection of you, your interests, your talents, your taste, your preferences? If you are preparing your home (house, condo, townhouse, villa) to sell, the answer is “maybe not!” To sell your home, you want it to appeal to the largest number of buyers. That’s why, often in staging a home, one of the most important things to do, is remove items that, although perfect for you, might distract or discourage a buyer from considering your home.

In the beachfront condo I am just completing, there were lots of “distractions” that needed to go! Furniture, unusual wall colors, layers of wallpapers, and many, many tchotchkes!  Check out the before & after photos below.   Also family heirlooms that needed to be removed before showings began. No reason to take a chance with a buyer falling in love with something you, the seller, have no intention of parting with!


Sanibel Home Staging can help you sell your home by helping you remove your “distractions”.  Contact Us today for more information.